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Nefertem Naturals Gift Bundle of 5 Handmade Bar Soaps

Regular price: $50.00 Our price: $40.00 each


The Handmade soap bundle offers you the very best value for your dollar. Get 5 different soap varieties to experience our array of scents Because our Bundle of 5 includes only our consistently offered soaps that we always have in stock, feel free to get hooked; they'll always be here for you!

The following "staple" soaps are offered in our bundle of 5 special. Click on any item below to view its full description:

Full of antioxidants, rich in nutrients and drenched in a creamy lather, our handmade soaps are extremely nourishing, have a sensational aroma and hydrate your skin like no other bar soap can. Use them once, and you'll know why folks are switching to grass fed tallow soaps and skincare...but buyer beware...once you go tallow you never go back!


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