1994 South Africa Ballot

Authentic Ballot Cast For ANC Candidate Nelson Mandela From The 1994 South Africa General Election

$25.00 each

Own a Share of the Mandela Legacy!

These unframed original authentic Ballots were hand-marked by voters in this historic election. Their authenticity is verified by the watermark, hand-written vote, and stamp of the IEC (Independent Election Commission) on the back. They are printed with instructions in eleven (11) languages. Fourteen political parties are represented on each ballot.

A total of 19,726,579 votes were cast in that first universal adult suffrage balloting. Most were simply destroyed after counting. These are among only a few that were saved.


The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) decided to participate in the elections only a few days prior to actual voting. The IEC already had printed millions of the 11" x 7" ballots bearing the images of thirteen (13) political parties and leaders. To save money and keep with the election schedule, the IEP printed and added a strip with party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi's and IFP images to each existing ballot. You will notice the manually applied IFP strip on original ballots.


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