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365 Days of Black Facts Calendar

This wonderful gift brightens up any home, school or office all year round, and a portion of the proceeds of each calendar sold goes towards scholarships for deserving high school students.

Nefertiti Gourmet Coffee

Nefertiti Coffee roasts African coffee beans locally so that you can have the ultimate coffee experience in your own home!

Nefertem Naturals

Our primary goal is to educate ourselves and others about how to use ALL of nature's gifts in our daily routines. We do this by constantly learning about herbs, essential oils and foods.

Freedom Paper Company

We at Freedom Paper Company, LLC are committed to transforming the economic reality for people and communities who need it most. And the Key to it all is Freedom Bathroom Tissue.

Fragrance World Of Topeka

Fragrance World of Topeka is your best source for perfume oils, various natural skin care products, essential oils and more.

dangerousNEGRO Clothing

In the streetwear game there are plenty of hot lines with great designers, but very few of them are actually saying anything.  If you think about it, your t-shirt is like a billboard, and every day you're walking around advertising something. Why not use that space to uplift people?

T-Shirt Chefz

We are an on-demand custom T-Shirt printing company that specializes in custom printed apparel and T-Shirt designs. We also specialize in print advertising and promotional products.

Soft Blue

Soft Blue is an educational software development firm that creates learning programs geared towards the general education market (Pre-K - 12), consumers and at risk populations (culturally, financially, and/or educationally).

G1KB - God First Kingdom Business

G1KB is a combination of two acronyms. It means that we should always keep God first in everything that we do and always be about His business, which is Kingdom Business.


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