iZania Market Deals is a unique business initiative to help Black entrepreneurs expand their Black-owned  marketing initiatives and reach a bigger online audience.  We look for the very best products and services from Black-owned businesses across the nation, and extend these offers to the widest possible audience.  We believe in value, and quality, and Black self-help initiatives.  That means we invite the virtual Black community to lead the way in helping Black-owned businesses that need the most help to succeed.  We are guided by a set of principles that have guided successful enterprises throughout our history - hard work, quality offerings, and collaboration with others who benefit from our mutual success.

To put it simply, we believe that the first place we should look for collaboration is within our own virtual Black community.  This is necessary because there is a huge performance gap between Black-owned businesses and mainstream businesses.  We believe that many Black entrepreneurs will benefit from a small shift in spending within the virtual Black economy to help boost sales, expand markets, and raise awareness of quality goods and services.  With iZania Market Deals a little help can go a long way toward boosting these Black-owned businesses into the economic mainstream. This is a Black economic empowerment initiative.

At iZania Market Deals we believe that supporting Black-owned businesses in our community has other benefits as well.  Studies show that the majority of employees of Black-owned businesses are also Black. Therefore, successful and growing Black businesses can have a positive impact on Black unemployment.  This is the natural outgrowth of local businesses hiring local community members.  The primary criteria for success remain quality, service, and customer satisfaction.

We’re happy that you’ve found iZania Market Deals and we hope to earn your trust by proving how much we value your time and your money. We work hard every day to find and negotiate the best deals that we think are worthy of bringing to your attention.  When you see iZania Market Deals it’s for a very good reason. We will only offer GREAT Deals.

We invite you to explore iZania Market Deals, ask us questions, and send us your feedback and ideas on how we can be better. We firmly believe that the first step toward improvement is self-help economics.

iZania Market Deals is owned and operated by iZania, LLC.


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