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iZania Market Deals is the perfect way to acquire new customers as well as encourage repeat business by creating increased brand awareness and getting messages out quickly to your specific target audience - all free of charge.

iZania Market Deals provides performance marketing for you - it’s efficient, measurable and best of all, risk-free!  iZania Market Deals is an easy, no-risk, low-cost way for you to connect with new online  customers. 

We are also investing heavily in the promotion of iZania Market Deals, so you can be assured people will hear about your deal. We are utilizing all marketing channels to spread the word for you!

Signing up to be featured at iZania Market Deals provides serious advantages to merchants over more traditional advertising methods:

  • Pure pay-for-performance marketing
  • No up-front costs, no-risk
  • Guaranteed paying customers
  • Maximum exposure through email, social, digital media
  • Detailed analytics show measurable deal success

 How It Works

  1. Once approved as a vendor, iZania Market Deals works with you to develop a compelling deal.
  2. Your Deal will then be promoted in our daily email to our database. 
  3. You impress our users with your great service and offer.
  4. Our users purchase your deal.
  5. iZania Market Deals sends you a check and user shipping details when users purchase your deal.

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